Monday, July 17, 2006

Christian Bloggers Should Have An Ethical Standard

Ed Hogan07-14-06

I remember hearing about bloggers for the first time two years ago. They were all the rage at the Democratic National Convention. There were even reports about how much or little their work was influencing events, policy, and thought at the convention. One reporter was almost breathless as the cameras turned toward a man and a laptop. He was blissfully "blogging" away.
I watched as Baptists like Bruce Prescott from Oklahoma began to blog. I even jumped in the water this past spring. My blog is devotional in nature, and though enjoyed by many friends, family and church members, it has hardly had any greater effect on the larger Christian community. It has been, for me, cathartic and therapeutic.

This summer blogs and bloggers became big news in the larger Southern Baptist political world. A candidate, Frank Page, was elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Not only was he elected as an "outsider," much of his victory was attributed to the influence of young bloggers.

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Marshall said...

I certainly see the point. It is probably my greatest disappointment with most blog/journal posts. Usually, the posts themselves are considered and carefully written. All too frequently, on line discussion after the post becomes as bad as has been described. Some blog owners will set a standard and remove particularly vitriolic and/or ad hominem responses; but too few.