Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bishop Michael Nazir Ali on the Holy Spirit

From the Anglican Mainstream

Acts 2 John 16
By breath of God’s mouth creation comes into existence, He is the creator.
He is the inspirer. By the Spirit, God brings his word to his people from time to time and place to place.
Sanctifier – the one who makes us as God’s people holy.
What does he do, given his people?

He leads God’s people as they journey along on this pilgrimage. It is the church also that should be led by God’s Spirit. This leading is not wild or unpredictable. Not a leading about which we know nothing. The work of the Holy Spirit is firmly grounded in the person and work of Christ himself. The Holy Spirit bears witness to Jesus. He takes the things of Jesus and makes them plain to us, so that we understand in our hearts and our minds the significance of them. Without the work of the Holy Spirit we could not understand the word and the works of Jesus. The Spirit makes things plain to us and glorifies Jesus. The Spirit is doing things again and again in our lives. If the Spirit is not doing these things it is not the Holy Spirit. More

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