Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Jerusalem Pilgrimage Post 1

Shalom Y'all

We arrived yestrday after a loooong plane ride in a 747 in which I slept little but that was good because I was able to sleep well after we arrived and have no problems with jet lag. .   We are at St. George’s college in East Jerusalem.  It is the Palestininan part of the city.  It is the second day of the Jweish Independence day whiich is also known ast the day of disaster tot the Arabs.  

St. Geeorges is amazing and beuatiful.  I will post pics.  the beds are confortable and the weather is similar to that in SC.  We have had an orientation (I’m typing this during the talk).  Today we are heading to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher which is there the people here think Jesus was crucified.
We began the day with Communion.  The priests here are all TEC.  Not much else to say yet.  I will continue to post my diary and pictures here on this blog.  I will be posting while you are asleep so it will be waiting for you every morning.  I can recieve email so to to the Holy Trinity wevsite and find the link to my emaill there.  www.htchas.com.   God bless you and keep you in HIs loving embrace.


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