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Live Blogging from Convention of Diocese of SC

Notes from the Convention of the Diocese of SC, Reconvened.

UPDATED 10-16 with detailed links and information and corrections.

October 15th, 2010

Service began with The Holy Eucharist, Bishop Lawrence celebrating and Bishop Allison preaching.

Sermon was about Paul’s use of the word Encouragement (Paracleo) in his epistle. Click here to see and hear it.

Convention began with election of 2 clergy and 1 lay person to the “Advancement Committee of the Diocese” not many of us remember what the Advancement society is. This priest included.

Bishop Lawrence is now speaking to us to bring us updates since last convention, this is not his official address. Click here to watch and hear

  • @ convention 2009 the vision was put forth that we should be Making Biblical Anglicans in a Global Age. Told how the new Vice Chancellor of the University of the South included many points in his inaugural address that reflected that vision.
  • Bishop Lawrence was included in the meeting of the Global South as the leader of a body with which they are in communion.
    • Bishop Nazerali – retired bishop of Rochester UK. He has agreed to be visiting Bishop for Anglican Development in the D of SC “He gives legs to our vision”.
    • Bishop Monier, Africa and African Horn. New relationship with him and his churches.
    • Youth went to Ireland. Made a big impact.
    • Burundi, Tanzania, Dominican Republic
  • Biblical Anglicanism here at home;
    • Union of Black Episcopalians hosted in D of SC
    • Renewal Conference @ Kanuga led by people from the D of SC
    • Nat’l Cursillo convention to be held here.
  • We continue to resist the ‘inappropriate level of power” that the greater church poking about. (my words)
    • Request made by the Diocese of SC of the PB to recall attorney has met with “Stony Silence”
    • In July 2011 the title IX canon will pass and will dramatically increase the ability for the Presiding Bishop to intrude in the work of this diocese and supersede the work and ministry if her Bishop and Clergy.
    • Some would have us quit battling and to go with the flow. However examples like this one: the PB has written in support of the Bishop of Sudan and of the Sudanese, but the non orthodox activity in TEC have effected our ability to be in conversation with people in the Sudan and have greatly damaged our relationship.
  • People ask why the Bishop doesn’t just leave. Bishop feels that we (the D of SC) has a vocation within the Nat’l church and within the Anglican Communion.
  • He believes that the resolutions up for vote are appropriate and what is needed at this time.
    • Mentioned at the end of his talk: Tues.evening of this week. The Presiding Bishop has encouraged 5 Bishops to talk to the Bishop and tell him that his current “status” does not “bode” well for his future as a Bishop in TEC.
    • Bishop reiterates that we have no intention of leaving TEC

Ended with great quote that you can find on his address transcript. Click Here

Before the resolutions are voted on we will have a presentation from the Constitution and Canons Com. And the Resolutions Com. Then we will break for lunch and vote after.

Alan Runyan (Resolutions Com) gave same presentation to entire delegation that has been shown clergy and lay delegates on a deanery level. Watch it here.

This report is much more succinct than the ones previous.

Results for Advancement Society Election: Andrew O’Dell+, Marcus Kaiser+, Myron Harrington

Now voting on Resolutions: Click here to see resolutions.


Question raised by lay person from Grace Church, Charleston Title IX is not against Constitution“In my opinion, A vote for these Resolutions is a way to separate ourselves from the Nat’l Church. We should not kid ourselves

Fr. B. : Since we are stating opinion I’d like to state that we are NOT trying to leave the Nat’l church. That is my opinion”

Fr. H. : Because article 12 of our constitution does state that we accede to and adopt the constitution and canons in our diocese. When did that happen? Answer 1841. Why are we including the word “accede” and taking out “adopt”. Answer: we will embrace 2006 canons and the constitution we don’t need to adopt anything.

Lay person from St. Stephen’s, Charleston stated that the Gospel is about radical inclusion and that St. Stephen’s will be voting against all resolutions Called us to remember that resolutions are not people and that there are people “behind these resolutions”. (a Good and Godly point CT )

Fr. M.+ asked about wording of resolutions.

Kendall Harmon brings clarity for Fr. M.: currently our constitution will work against us it must be revised.


Again Fr. H: Removal of the word “annual” reduces the number of conventions to change constitution. Has big problem with this.

Canon Malone+ (retired) :it doesn’t eliminate a second convention.

Kenny from St. Stephens: removing annual would not prevent having 2 conventions the same day. (Bishop points out that the Constitution says 30 days between )

Resolutions R6 and R7, which amend the Diocesan Constitution, passed on a majority vote on the first reading. Because they amend the Constitution, they will need to be further adopted by a two-thirds majority at the 220th Convention which will be held in February, 2011.*

Voting by orders for R-8

Resolution, R8 - Clergy: 87 supported, 10 opposed; Parishes: 40 supported, 7 opposed; Missions: 14 supported, 1 opposed.*

Resolution R9 - Clergy: 86 supported, 11 opposed, 1 abstained; Parishes: 39 supported, 7 opposed, 1 abstained; Missions: 13 supported, 2 opposed.*

Braking for lunch…

Now on to vote on R-10

Ted H? from Grace Church: not a lawyer or theologian but a life long Episcopalian. Is heart broken over the votes thus far. Saddened and destroyed that “my diocese” is going to irrevocably shatter that connection that we have with the denomination.

Emily G? - What about Camp St. Christopher? Who is going to own St. Christopher

Bishop Lawrence Answers: St. Christopher does not fall under Dennis Canon. Only Churches and missions do. There is a hope that we would see ourselves as a church that was held together by a common liturgy and hymnity, a common understanding of Scripture and the Constitution. Most of all by a common worship of our Lord Jesus Christ. Each of those things seem to be fraying…

Emily goes on….still unclear about ownership of property of missions

Bishop Lawrence Answers: we will still function under Canons and Const (2006) and still under Canons and Const. of this diocese. The worry

Canon Malone (retired) Parishes own their own property…so do missions. However, there is a diocesan canon that does keep us together is specifies that the church can’t alienate its property without permission of the diocese…

Resolution R10 - Clergy: 89 supported, 6 opposed; Parishes: 42 supported, 5 opposed, Missions 13 supported, 0 opposed.*

(R-10 has to do with keeping property…I notice fewer dissenting votes)


Explanation: change is to bring our charter into line with other resolutions..

John S, Holy Cross Faith Memorial Pawleys Island: (paraphrase)My people are Episcopalians, whether this has the effect of separating us from the Episcopal Church I don’t know but I hope that we will be affiliated with the Episcopal church for many more years.

Fr. H: is opposed to removing this from Canons before change in Constitution is voted on at the next convention.

Allen Runyan: This is the resolution that in the State of SC outside of the Episcopal church, that governs our lives civilly. What is changed here is taking out the words (Ep diocese and USA). That does not contradict ourselves..

Fr. H: Why do it now instead of Feb.?

Runyan: we need to bring our charter in line with what we intend to do.

If we are still operating under the constitution of TEC then we are still under that Nat’l canons..

Fr. H. :Then why do it?

Fr. B: I say this with trepidation….by voting on this we are not setting up a process to leave the Episcopal Church…am I correct?

Answer: That is correct.

Sherman B. All Saint’s Hilton Head: Why did we remove...(didn't get the rest)

Answer: Some of it was to look to the question: what is the purpose of the diocese? Is it to fulfill the constitution of TEC or to fulfill the vision of the Diocese of SC? We are here to fulfill the vision of the D of SC.

Sherman B. It seemed to me that this was a means to leave….

Runyan: if we continue operation under the constitution of this diocese …the const. accedes to the const of TEC.

Lay person from Grace Church Charleston: This resolution is what the SC supreme court says a hierarchical church must do to remove itself from a natl entity. What keeps us in TEC?

Bishop Lawrence: We have retained within our const. accetion to the const of TEC

R-10 passed with some dissention. (again, yays and nays)

All votes passed with 2/3 or better in favor.

Rev. Jennie Olbrych and Canon Jim Lewis propose Resolution from the floor

Creating a safer church (sexual abuse prevention) asked Bishop Lawrence to appoint a task force to create a comprehensive plan to prevent the abuse of Children within the Episcopal Church

Some discussion and much support.

Voting Passed unanimously ….

* Accurate count from Diocesan records as reported by the SC Anglican Communion Network

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