Saturday, August 23, 2008

5 Ways a Youth Minister (or any other Christian Educator) Can Get Themselves Fired.

I have been in youth ministry for two decades. I have seen the mighty fall. I have been the mighty who has fallen. Over the years I have noticed some patterns that many ministers get caught up in. They are patterns of destruction, and have led to the “voluntary resignation” of many a minister. So from my own experience and from the lives of other people who just thought they were bringing Jesus to teens when the lights went out, I give you this list. As you read put check marks by the behavior that you exhibit. Some or most of these traits can be solved by getting some counseling. Some can be fixed by surrounding yourself with people who have the gifts that you don’t. Some of them mean you need to seek employment elsewhere, possibly in another field.

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The behaviors I cover in this booklet are:

  1. Becoming Invisible (the unseen get unpaid)
  2. Handling Emotional Topics with Email (you send it, they end it)
  3. Triangulation (just say no)
  4. Bad Boundaries (You are the adult, remember that)
  5. Feuding with the Grey Panthers (you can’t win, but then again its not a fight)

Actual advice that works.

Real situations, real answers.

Grace and Peace to you in Jesus Christ,

David M Dubay+

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