Monday, July 28, 2008

How to call a Youth Minister (Shameless plug!)

I have written an E-Book and it is for sale. This is how it came about:

In 1986 I was called to full time Lay Youth Ministry.

For nearly 5 years I was the Youth Ministries Coordinator for the Diocese of SC under Bishop Salmon. Before that I held the same position for New Harmony Presbytery, with central South Carolina Presbyterians (PCUSA).

My main priority during those years was to prepare parishes to call their first Lay Youth Minister, find said candidates, and intercede when problems arose afterwards. When I began I had no idea what I was doing.
At that time we had 5 youth ministers in the diocese. At the end of my 5 years we had 27.

The entire diocese entered a steep learning curve. Bishop Salmon set youth ministry is a priority and the parishes answered the call. I believe it is one of the reasons we’re still healthy.

I left the diocesan office and reentered Episcopal parish Youth Ministry and was ordained 3 years ago.

Last week I found my notes from most of the meetings that took place during my time as Youth Ministries Coordinator, as well as subsequent consulting with other parishes and denominations.

I thought about a book…there’s a book here. But I’m not patient enough.
So, soon I will have up and running with e-books available for sale.

If God is leading you to call a Youth Minister to your parish, or if you’ve had trouble in the past with the process or the person, I may be able to help.

Right now I’ve 3 of my e-books for sale on E-Bay just to check out that venue for publishing.

Anyway as you can tell I’m not a writer but I can help.

If you go to eBay search for

How to call a Youth Minister and keep him.

In Christ,

David Dubay+

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