Monday, January 14, 2008

Christ The King Anglican and Trinity, Winchester TN

I've waited a while to comment on this. The Rev. Bill Midgett preached at my ordination and taught me how to "think like a Priest." He is a friend and a brother. This departure from the Diocese of TN is sad and wonderful simultaneously. Sad because a family split is never an easy thing and usually not without pain. Also sadly, orthodox anglican seminarians at Sewanee may be unable to attend the new church (Christ the King) without there being trouble for them back at the SOT. Wonderful because a great pall of stress and anxiety has been lifted off of the folks who made the transition from TEC to CANA. If you are in the Winchester area. Go and meet Fr. Bill. Worship in their new church. Rejoice.

To the dear people who have stayed behind at Trinity, God bless you. Jesus is just as real in your worship as at the new church. Cling to him in the coming transition. You are in our prayers.

Here for related article from Chattanooga Times Free Press

Here for Audio interview with Fr. Midgett
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Anonymous said...

David, thanks for your good words. This transition has not been easy for me. Please keep Christ the King and Trinity in your prayers. You are missed!!