Monday, July 02, 2007

Quote of the day.

"I am the centre of the world I see; where the horizon is depends on where I stand ... But I am not the centre of the world, or the standard of reference as between good and bad; I am not and God is. In other words, from the beginning I put myself in God's place. This is my original sin ... Education may make my self-centredness less disastrous by widening my horizon of interest; so far it is like the climbing of a tower, which widens the horizon for physical vision while leaving me still the centre and standard of reference."
William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1942 ; Christianity and the Social Order
An Aside: I do find it interesting that a blogger is moved by this quote...I find all bloggers, even the Christian ones, to be just a tad this side of ego maniacal. Don't you?

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