Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Catholics Concerned Latin Mass Not Progressive

I'm having odd thoughts about this...I like Il Papa's strength and clarity. I also like that he's called the Roman Church the first and only church. (it gets my Protestant blood boiling, and provides for some perspective as well as a desire to reread Luther). But gosh, does he really want to go back pre Vatican II? I guess so. I love listening to non-American Catholic dissenters, It's refreshing.


Morning Edition, July 25, 2007 · Pope Benedict XVI has substantially eased restrictions for priests who want to celebrate what is officially called the Tridentine Mass.

The 16th century liturgy was all but abolished after the reforms of the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s.

The mass introduced in 1970 allowed priests to face the faithful and speak in the local languages and allowed the laity to play a bigger role.

Pope Benedict wants to end the culture wars that followed the Second Vatican Council and woo back a small minority of traditionalists who never accepted the modernizing reforms of Vatican Two.

Read the rest. (make sure you click the "listen to" button to hear Sylvia at her best.)

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