Thursday, April 19, 2007

My new favorite Christian Band!!!

I wonder if we can work a Taize service around these guys!

The Lyrics... (incase you didn't catch them while listening)

Brotherhood from Album Knuckles Up

As I walk through this land,I remember the boys who took a stand ,Who stood there strong when things got rough,They would shout and scream at the things that were tough,No weapon formed against them would live,A punch to the face, a kick to the ribTheir cause was justice and they strove to be pure,All of hell shook when their knees hit the floor,
Never look back never give up,There's someone behind who will pick you up,I got a sword in my hand and I'm ready for the attack.
Raise up the flag let them see,Our creed is a symbol for those who are free,We fight against evil, we fight against sin,Our battles not outward, our battles within.


Anonymous said...

Fr. Dave,

Better than the Skadaddles!

Br. Randy Greve

The Confessing Tigers said...

Although in some ways, oddly similar. Hope you are well.