Monday, February 26, 2007

Arch Bishop Venables reflects on the Primates meeting.


Anonymous said...

Has the Episcopal University decided to walk apart?

SEWANEE UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH is back in the news. The Homosexual-Straight Alliance is hosting Gene Robinson at the Episcopal University in April. Wrote one student to VOL, who is paying for this? This is a complete flouting of the Primates Communiqué. Word is that Robinson will be a guest of the Vice-Chancellor in his house in Sewanee. Apparently, Sewanee doesn't mind flaunting its liberal credentials. It will be interesting to see if conservative alumni will continue to support the university, if they sense it is deep-sixing traditional morality by inviting the Bishop of New Hampshire.

Just in case Sewanee is not getting the message, consider this. A longtime donor to the College of William & Mary will withhold a $12 million pledge to the public university because of the removal of a cross from a campus chapel, reports the Washington Times. The donation was pledged to the campaign fund before Gene R. Nichol became the university's president and was revoked because the donor disagreed with Mr. Nichol's decision to remove the brass cross from permanent display on the chapel's altar, spokesman Mike Connolly said. The donor was not identified. The loss of the funds "represents a serious setback to the college," said Mr. Nichol. Alumnus dollars speak louder than words.

The Confessing Tigers said...

2 things...

1. On the whole I found the undergraduate students much more conservative than the faculty.
Any withholding of funds would have a great effect. Although I know of no example of funds being withheld.

2. What goes on on the undergraduate level does not instantly become a part of the School of Theology. People don't understand that. Right now, Dean Stafford is a buffer between what goes on around the SOT and what goes on inside. But your prayers are coveted.