Thursday, January 18, 2007

Is it Anglican well-being or willful amnesia?

By the Rt. Rev. C, FitzSimons Allison andthe Very Rev. William N. McKeachie

Early in the last century, the philosopher Edmund Husserl led the way in exposing how forgetful Western civilization had become about its own roots and therefore its true well-being. A few years later, that century's greatest Anglican poet, T. S. Eliot, asked: "Do you need to be told that even such modest attainments as you can boast in the way of polite society will hardly survive the Faith to which they owe their significance?"

Now, however unwittingly, Adam Parker's articles ("A House Divided" on Jan. 7) have exposed the extent to which those Episcopalians who attack the leadership of the Diocese of South Carolina are willfully forgetful of the roots of the Faith, and therefore the true well-being of the Episcopal Church.

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