Thursday, November 23, 2006

Clarification from the Diocese of Central Florida.

My thanks to The Rev. Tim Nunez...
This note is also found in the comments of the D of Central Fla post below.

I'm Chairman of the Commission on Ministry in the Diocese of Central Florida and I do not believe this [That Central Fla is ceasing it's relationship with the School of Theology, Sewanee] is accurate.The Diocese of Central Florida Standing Committee had some concerns with 2 of our current Sewanee students after an annual interview. (I felt it was more a matter of those 2 individuals. Other current Sewanee students had no trouble with that interview.)The bishop has resolved that issue with those students & has spoken with Dean Stafford. I have not heard that he has required anyone to transfer. I suggested Bp. Howe judge the tree by its fruit - we have a large number of very solid orthodox Sewanee grads in this diocese - including recent ones. It was not fun for any of us. As Sam Pascoe reportedly said, Sewanee either sharpens your blade or breaks it. I feel I had an extremely good overall formation for parish ministry - inlcuding some very tough battles with libs in the Guy Lytle fiasco (Guy was forced out by the threat of a lawsuit AFTER he was exonerated.) I can go toe to toe with them, frankly I was screaming at the TV as David Anderson fumbled around on Larry King last summer while Bp. Robinson made ridiculous arguments which he could not answer on the spot.My feeling is SC, Texas, DCF, West Texas, etc. ought to keep sending solid evangelicals to shape the place. I don't like giving up ground. I believe Bill Stafford is going to get Sewanee turned around over time. I say we help him, not erode his position by abandoning him. Tenure/union issues mean this will take time. Soon Joe Monti will be out, other 60's libs will also retire soon. However, where we send folks is the Bp.'s prerogative. As chair of the COM, I've seen lots of specific circumstances that require flexibility among the Episcopal seminaries. We've got people at Asbury, Fuller & Gordon Conwell right now. I also told the bishop we should not be sending anyone anywhere if they don't have a firm faith & relationship with Christ.

Tim Nunez +
SOT '03Chairman

Ed. note: I can't speak for Bishop-Elect Lawrence but I believe if the above changes were made, under Bishop Salmon, the Diocese of SC would have seminarians returning to TN as well.

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