Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bishop Elections in the Diocese of SC.

After a LOOOONG meeting with the 3 candidates and all of the lay and clergy delegates, I have this to say.

I like them all. All 3 men are Godly, orthodox, visionary, leaders. I'm leaning toward one...but that may change after some prayer and more reading.

I've never seen a run for the Episcopate be so close. Usually there is one who stands out a the clear leader and many who fall very short.

But's neck and neck.

God is good, All the time.

We covet your prayers during the Saturday election.



Phi Gam Will said...

The Diocese of Tennessee will gladly take either of the two that you all don't elect. I pray that +Herlong's successor will have the same qualities as these three. David+, you and others in SC are lucky to serve under shepherds like these. I pray for a Spirit filled electing convention next weekend.


Pastor David Hansen said...

God's blessings and prayers as you discern who God is calling to serve as bishop. We are preparing for a similar process in the Lutheran Synod where I serve, and I know it an anxious time.