Monday, June 19, 2006

Danaher's first classes at GTS.

From the GTS website:

ET110/510: Christ and the Moral LifeThis course examines the relation between Christology and Christian ethics. Although there is a review of traditional doctrinal formulations, the main emphasis is on contemporary theologians and ethicists. Where traditional Christologies have tended to separate the treatment of the person and work of Christ, a fundamental assumption in this course is that the two need to be treated as correlates. This course discusses dynamics involved with beginning with Christ’s incarnation and passion, specifically with the practices and norms of non-violence, reconciliation, and love.Prof. Danaher * 2-3 credits * Th 1:30-2:50 pm * Sherred 2A

ET120/520: Contemporary Moral IssuesThis course reviews the different approaches in Christian ethics to contemporary moral issues, specifically in the areas of the common good, politics, globalization, the environment, economics, violence, bioethics, and sexuality. The emphasis is on the identification and appreciation of the theological doctrines at stake in these topics, as well as the ethical implications of the church’s apostolic witness and mission.Prof. Danaher * 2-3 credits * M 7-8:50 pm * Sherred 1B

Editor's note: personally I think that 2nd one sounds pretty good. One could combine violence and bioethics and write a paper on Ninja Clones....oh if I only could.

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Jonathan said...

Plea-uuusee... these course are EXACTLY what he offered at Sewanee. Retreaded hash.

Come on Danaher - let's have something that combines Queer Eye for the Gay Guy, American Choppers and Donnie Bonaduchie. Pop Cultural is your strong suit - so PLAY TO IT.