Monday, May 15, 2006

SC-ACN's Version of "The 3 Tenors"

The South Carolina ACN sponsored a 3 stop, whirlwind tour of teaching and information sharing by our Bishops (The Right Rev'd Edward L. Salmon Jr. & The Right Rev'd William J Skilton) and our Canon Theologian (The Rev'd Dr. Kendall Harmon). Their last stop was St. Philip's, Charleston.

You should have been was a blessing. But since you couldn't attend below I have placed links to the mp3 files of their talks. If you have Windows Player you may click the "streaming audio" links and listen without downloading.

Bishop Salmon mp3 download Streaming Audio

Bishop Skilton mp3 download Streaming Audio

Kendall Harmon+ mp3 download Streaming Audio


Milton Finch said...

Thank you for getting this posted! It is informative and you are an angel for those that are home-bound!

Milton Finch said...

Thank you for posting these talks! It is a true angelic work from you to those that are home-bound!

PSA+ said...

Thanks, Dave!