Wednesday, May 10, 2006

BCP526: A Grand Petition for Confessing Priests.

(From the site)

Dear Fellow Presbyters,The name of this website, BCP526, refers to the page number in the Book of Common Prayer from which most of us, the Episcopal clergy, took the ordination vows to the priesthood. The name seemed only fitting since the purpose of this site is to petition our fellow clergy, the ECUSA House of Bishops, to proceed according to the vows we all spoke at the very beginning of our priestly ministry....This website is simply a means toward that goal. Its sole purpose is to collect the names of faithful priests in ECUSA who wish to send an urgent message to the House of Bishops. There are four short but critical points being emphasized. Please read them carefully, enter your contact information, and submit the form to add your "signature" to the growing list.

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