Thursday, April 20, 2006

On Easter

It was a real body; there can be no doubt about that.
Hundreds of people could not have been so mistaken, especially
when Jesus offered clear evidence of it. But it was not an
earthbound body. It was something that bore a developmental
relationship to an earthly human body, but it was not
identical with it. There was clearly a continuity of life
between the body of Jesus and the body of the resurrected
Jesus, but in the process of resurrection it had undergone a
very fundamental change. That, at least, seems obvious. So
much for the list of dissimilarities; the body of Jesus after
the resurrection had a different appearance and also a
different "form." It was "like" the previous body, it had some
sort of developmental relationship to it, but it was obviously
not "identical" with it. Now we must consider the
similarities. Strangely, they all came down to one factor, but
that factor is so important that it outweighs all the
dissimilarities. It is simply this: Jesus before and after the
resurrection was undeniably the same person. No matter what
extraordinary changes had taken place in his bodily form, all
who knew him well had no doubt at all who he was. They "knew"
it was the Lord.
... David Winter

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